Zillow Property Values

There are a lot of variables that go into pricing a home for sale or to determine the correct value of a home to purchase. Most importantly is the acquired and current market knowledge for individual neighborhoods affecting sales and values. However, with the increase in available technology, a program/website, "Zillow", has come onto the market that can provide initial valuations in certain locations.

Note: the comparable sold properties must be selected and adjusted for equal features, size and age. Without this step, the value may be meaningless. Experience in the marketplace is necessary to refine this value by choosing the appropriate comparable properties. This is a critical success factor in determining any individual property's value. Some properties that have been recently sold may not be available through "Zillow". In addition, adjustments for differences between neighboring properties must be made to accurately predict a value.

With that introduction, the following link to the web site "Zillow" can provide the tool that can offer some initial ideas of property values. There are many options to review in "Zillow" to make it perform to your satisfaction. Please review the site for instructions. Have fun with the link and remember that it provides only an introduction to your property's value.

If you are in the market to purchase a home or to put your home on the market, please contact Nancy. She will use the Sarasota MLS services, her professional knowledge and expertise of your neighborhood to assist in establishing your property's value for you.

Click on the following link for the "Zillow" web site:


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